The Merrie Harriers serves the village of Cowbeech in more ways than just as a pub. With the village not having a post office or village hall, the pub becomes the hub of the community and we take that responsibility very seriously. We fully endorse The Merrie Harriers Bonfire Society, a charity that raises funds to put on the spectacular Cowbeech Bonfire Night and to raise funds for local children’s and elderly peoples charities.

Cowbeech walk, The Merrie Harriers is located at the start and finish of a wonderful 2.5 mile walk. A walk that takes you along beautiful country lanes and through breathtaking fields, within this area of Sussex Downs Outstanding Natural Beauty. Finish off your walk with a traditional ploughman's and a glass of beer. Is there anything more quintessentially British? Walkers are welcome to use our car park.

1066 Country Herstmonceux Castle, set next to the inspiring Herstmonceux Science centre and observatories lies a medieval moated castle built in the mid 1500’s. Landscaped within beautiful Elizabethan gardens, this historic castle is just 5 miles distance from the pub.

BATTLE, PEVENSEY & HASTINGS, scene of King Harold’s famous defeat by the Normans and the castles of Pevensey and Hastings are all close by.

Batemans, A 10 mile drive from the pub will bring you to the 17th century Jacobean home of Rudyard Kipling. Located in Burwash, this poignant home holds much of the charm and personality carried by the owner.

Charleston, setting off from the Harriers a 12 mile drive will bring you into the world of Mrs Dallaway. Charleston is a country home to the Bloomsbury set – a collective of artists, writers and intellectuals including Virginia Woolf. Located near Selmeston pub.

Download the Cowbeech Walk map and info 

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